Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD

I’m a professor of Psychology, researcher and author who has published 3 books in the areas of Dreams, Dreaming and Spiritual Psychology.  I’ve also published numerous scientific articles in these areas of study including dream interpretation techniques, dreams of medical patients, and The Metapersonal (Spiritual) Self, to name a few.

The main purpose of my work is to share knowledge on finding meaning and purpose in one’s own life.  During waking day we’re able to find our way through the struggles of life be it work, relationships, money, or illness and recovery.  Through the vicissitudes of life we’re able to define ourselves in relation to others and the world. Only then are we able to find deep meaning and joy in our daily lives.

During our sleep time, we have discovered in research, we’re processing emotions and situations of the day in order to better cope with waking day circumstances.  It’s in our nighttime mentations, or dreams, that much information can be given to us if we’re willing to pay attention to them when we awaken.  We can solve problems, find novel answers to problems we would not otherwise have considered, receive insight and information, and continue to push our waking day boundries until we’re able to live the life we deeply desire.  Rather than spinning our wheels by repeating the same life patterns over and over again we’re able to make changes toward the life of great joy and abundance that is there waiting for each and every one of us in a multitude of ways.